Automatic status deletion script for Mastodon and Pleroma
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fedidel is a bot that tracks and auto-deletes on Mastodon/Pleroma accounts according to a set maximum age. Tracking multiple instances simultaneously is possible. It will permanently retain statuses favourited by the account that posted them. Reblogs are treated as favourites and are permanently retained. Once a status is flagged for retention, the bot will not check it again.

Installation (Linux)

Obtain root login shell

sudo -i

Download fedidel and make user account

git clone /usr/local/lib/fedidel
useradd -d /usr/local/lib/fedidel -M -s /bin/bash -U fedidel
chown -R fedidel.fedidel /usr/local/lib/fedidel

Create configuration

cd /usr/local/lib/fedidel
cp config.example.json config.json
editor config.json

Install systemd service

ln -s fedidel.service /etc/systemd/system/fedidel.service
systemctl enable fedidel
systemctl start fedidel


# Restart service
systemctl restart fedidel

# Check service status
systemctl status fedidel

# Monitor log output
journalctl -t fedidel -f


The maintainer can be contacted at