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import itertools
with open("dicts/mhyph.txt", "r", encoding = "macroman", newline = "\r\n") as f:
hyph_words = set(tuple(l.split("")) for l in f.read().splitlines())
with open("dicts/unigram_freq.csv", "r") as f:
goog_words = set((w, int(f)) for w, f in
itertools.islice((l.split(",") for
l in f.read().splitlines()), 1, None))
hyph_map = {"".join(x) : x for x in hyph_words}
words = dict()
for w, f in sorted(goog_words, key = lambda w: w[1], reverse = True):
hw = hyph_map.get(w)
if hw:
words[w] = (f, hw)
for w, (f, hw) in words.items():
print("{},{},{}".format(w, f, "=".join(hw)))